Support the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory

In 2015, many of the activists who backed the SCSTF in 2010 are organising around the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory – for more information visitĀ its website here and Facebook page here. Or email

Rule changes and NEC elections 2012

Ballot papers to elect the six constituency representatives on the Labour Party’s National Executive (NEC) go out on 25 May and must be returned by 13 June. Continue reading

The Hain report: “disappointing, big-time”

Peter Hain’s consultation and review on Labour Party structure has made its report to Labour’s National Executive: download it here. According to Jon Lansman, joint secretary of the Labour Party Democracy Task Force, which has been campaigning for the review to democratise and open up Labour Party conferences so that Labour becomes “a living, breathing party”, the report will “disappoint, big-time”. Continue reading

Bad news as Labour deadline approaches

Over the next month Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) will be discussing their responses to the Labour Party’s review of its structures, and considering whether to submit rule changes. The deadline is 24 June. Continue reading

Rule-change proposals for Labour conference 2011

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy has circulated some suggested rule changes your Constituency Labour Party (CLP) might wish to consider. Continue reading

If you’re starving, you need food, not blather

Peter Hain, appointed to the job by Labour leader Ed Miliband, has put out a document, “Refounding Labour”, which is to be the new basis for the review of party structure opened by the Labour conference in 2010. Continue reading

Labour youth rebel against undemocracy

The undemocratic running of the Young Labour conference, in Glasgow on 12-13 February, has angered Young Labour members. See these reports, by Hazel Nolan and Ed Maltby.